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About the Project

Dear World Project is a collaboration between The Rutledge Lab, at the Max Planck UCL Centre for Computational Psychiatry and Ageing Research, and artist Alban Low inviting the public to talk about their perceptions of mental health and explore how this interacts with approaches taken by researchers and clinicians. Dear World Project is an installation featuring a post box where members of the public can anonymously send postcards about their own mental wellbeing which will then be organised at a sorting office. Scientists are on hand to discuss how we use symptom categories and diagnostic labels in neuroscience and psychiatric research.

This installation will be initially run as part of Bloomsbury Festival on Saturday 20th 2018 on the UCL Main Campus. The conversations with, and material provided by the public will form the development of a larger Art Exhibition exploring mental health in 2019. If you are a UCL student interested in getting involved in this project contact Rachel Bedder.