Our scientists are part of the Rutledge Lab, at the Max Planck UCL Centre for Computational Psychiatry and Ageing Research. Located on Russell Square in London, our goal is to understand the factors that determine happiness and to describe how our emotional state influences the decisions we make. We explore these questions using a combination of computational models and brain scanning in healthy and clinical populations. We are working to develop a mechanistic understanding of how major depression develops, is sustained, and can relapse.

Dr Robb Rutledge

Robb's research combines computational modeling with neuroimaging, pharmacology, and neurophysiology to study the relationship between decision making and emotion across the lifespan and in people with depression.



Dr Matilde Vaghi

Matilde is a Post-doctoral researcher interested in how individual differences in the ability of selecting the best course of action relate to mood.

rachelbedder image.jpg

Rachel Bedder

Rachel is a PhD student interested in how knowledge of our futures affects our mood and decision-making. She has worked on many public engagement projects as a Science Curator at AXNS Collective


benjamin chew.jpg

Benjamin Chew

Benjamin is PhD student interested in the neural mechanisms underlying decisions and motivational states.

Alex Image.jpg

Alex Hopkins

Alex is a PhD student interested in how uncertainty affects learning and decision-making in anxiety.


Yuki Shimura

Yuki is a PhD student interested in the relationship between altruism and happiness.